My Journey

I was born and raised in Germany and moved to Los Angeles in 2014. Since I was 15 years old, it’s always been my dream to live in the US, but I never really thought it was possible for me. So I did what I thought was the “right thing:” I studied, in hopes that I would find a good, stable job. I was taught the importance of financial security and was advised to never ask for “more”.

I followed this path because I didn’t know any better, and as a result, I was never able to follow through with one thing. I quit law school after a couple of terms, then I started and quit another degree. I ended up graduating from journalism school only to realize that I didn’t want to work for a local newspaper, TV network, or magazine.

I hit rock bottom when the relationship with my longterm boyfriend broke down. Soon after that, I realized that I had enough of the boring, unfulfilled “autopilot life.”

I really wanted to know myself better. I wanted to discover what I stood for, what I wanted out of life, and what my purpose was. So, I made that decision to listen to my heart and to go after everything I wanted no matter how unrealistic it seemed.

What happened in those years surpassed everything that I ever thought was possible – the positive and the negative. I experienced fear, doubt, and grief. I lost my dad unexpectedly. At times I felt confused, guilty, overwhelmed and burnt out. But in this darkness, I found light. For the first time in my life, I had a goal, a vision that was bigger than myself and this clarity helped me to keep moving forward even in the moments that I felt like giving up.

And now, more than ever, I’m convinced that if we truly follow our heart and keep going, even in the most difficult times, we will get rewarded. The Universe loves a stubborn heart.

Working Together

I now know that my life’s work is to support you in tapping into your inner wisdom and connecting to your heart to find the kind of peace that I’ve found. I wish for everyone to experience true alignment.

Through my journey, I’ve discovered life coaching and spiritual psychology, following my desire to dive in and experiment with new things. In this transition, I created Wings of a Visionary, to support women going through great transitions the way I was. I want all women to feel supported and loved and have a safe space where they can fully express themselves.

In the past, I had never thought of myself as a spiritual person as my family was not spiritual, and I wasn’t raised with spirituality. But over time I’ve opened into yoga, breath work, plant medicine, energy healing, astrology, and many spiritual modalities. I studied spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica and became a certified life coach and Reiki practitioner. 

Every day, I continue to dive in and grow, because I believe that we can only take our clients as deep as we’ve gone ourselves. I’ve structured my courses and coaching to get the best results and deepest transformation for people who want to get to know themselves better, connect to their hearts, and find the courage to follow their callings.