Private Sessions

My calling is to guide you to your deepest level of transformation by getting to know yourself better, connecting with your heart, and finding the courage to follow your inner truth. In my private sessions, I combine the healing power of breath and sound, with concepts of spiritual psychology which include mental/physical as well as emotional/spiritual elements. 

The Journey

Vulnerability, combined with the willingness to look at our shadows, creates an opening within us. This is where the greatest potential for healing occurs and something beautiful can be birthed. I’m here to help you remember who you truly are at the core of your being, underneath all of your fears, doubts, and judgements. This is your journey towards healing and growth. It’a journey of letting go of what’s no longer serving you. Creating space for your manifestations. Increased awareness. Your invitation to consciously create a new reality.

True and deep transformation takes time and commitment. My work is not a quick fix. That’s why I offer monthly containers. This is an exclusive offer for LA based clients who are looking for individualized attention in order to achieve a deeper level of expansion. All good things in life require patience, dedication and consistency.

Get started on your journey.


Each session is customized and includes my intuitive approach combining a variety of modalities such as

Breath Work

Sound Healing

Guided Meditation

Earth Medicine